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Emma Lui talks about Water Justice

We at Council of Canadians Quinte have been using the Picton Town Hall for some time. In various capacities, we have been able to bring many people together to hear various speakers or to show a film on how our Democracy is being eroded through the Corporatism of our Government and Services and Environment. We try to educate people by providing a discourse that will take people further in their thinking, enabling them to become empowered to not just talk, but act.

So many building spaces have been taken from us. The Benson Room above Books & Company is no longer available. Meeting Rooms for day or night are very hard to find in Picton that are convenient and that don’t cost an arm and a leg. As we are a non-profit organization we have little funds to pay for such places to meet.

We are a movement that works for positive change in our Local Council, our Provincial and our Federal Governments. Many ideas come forth at these meetings, ideas that transform our community into a better place to live, play and work. We contribute to a healthy society and that is exactly what the Picton Town Hall also stands for, a place of gathering, a place to socialize and or work for the betterment of our community. To take this wonderful historical downtown Picton building from all of us, would be a travesty. This is truly A HALL FOR ALL and we at Council of Canadians Quinte, want to keep it that way in public hands. We hope you do too.

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Provided by Lynne Rochon, Council of Canadians, Quinte Chapter

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