Disappointing result – Committee of the Whole

It is very disappointing that the meeting moved to defer the decision. Concerns aired during the meeting mostly went unanswered because they were not directed to staff. Information that could have enabled a decision was never discussed. In fact the proposals were barely discussed. Council should make good on its original request for proposals by giving full consideration to their staff’s report and recommendation.

Please contact Councillors before March 12th, politely but firmly ask councillors to:

  • Vote against the motion to defer.
  • Fully consider staff’s motion to accept our proposal.
  • Give staff a chance to address their concerns.

Here is contact information for Council: http://www.thecounty.ca/county-government/contact/

The motion we oppose:

Below is the wording of the motion made yesterday at the Committee of the Whole, as circulated to the media:Motion…

Posted by Save Picton Town Hall on Friday, March 1, 2019

Why we are against the motion:

We want the public to be aware that:1) Councillors’ motion for a public-private partnership RFP process may in fact…

Posted by Save Picton Town Hall on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Be at the March 12 meeting, 7pm Shire Hall

Show your support by attending the meeting. Deputations count. To make a deputation, or make a comment you need to register with the clerk by 4:30 on Wednesday, March 6.

Council carried a new motion to start again

There are no new objectives, simply a motion to start a new RFP process stipulating a P3 or public private partnership. This kind of proposal could have been submitted within the current process. A requirement for a P3 has 3 problems:

  1. The public private partnership is likely to exclude the existing recommended submission from Save Picton Town Hall.
  2. For a public private partnership to be possible the Town Hall will almost certainly be sold.
  3. public private partnerships cost the taxpayers more in the long run. A recent Ontario study verifies this.https://theonn.ca/our-work/our-financing/public-lands-civic-spaces/not-for-sale/?fbclid=IwAR3gQ7i09IxDaRxrWZ0npC9aQx60G3uj8k-Fl2v4FZv7jSpw0r9JKxZt-PU
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