Firelight Lantern Festival

© Ramesh Pooran

The Picton Town Hall was where it all started: the Firelight Lantern Festival. Now going into its 6th year, we held our first Firelight Lantern Festival in 2013 at this cherished County landmark. Having access to this centrally located, affordable community space was crucial in the development of our festival, which has since grown into one of the County’s most beloved cultural events. We filled the hall to capacity that first year with revelers of all ages who wanted to come together and celebrate their creativity. We had local musicians perform, a black light tent, a shadow puppetry show, and food vendors. The hall was packed to the rafters – and it was pure magic. The response exceeded our expectations, and while we outgrew the venue after that first year, it was at the Picton Town Hall that we could test our idea for this festival without assuming great financial risk.

© Phil Norton

The Picton Town Hall is still home to our annual lantern-making workshops, where we gather people of all ages to craft their own paper and bamboo lanterns to carry in the lantern parade down Main Street. The Picton Town Hall is a space like no other in Picton; for me it rings with memories of music and laughter, merriment and friendship. Its loss to private sale would be devastating for many groups as an affordable community gathering space. If it is sold, this beautiful gathering space will be gone forever. Who knows what creative ideas will never get off the ground without it? What friendships will not be formed? What dances will not be danced? The Picton Town Hall must remain in the community’s hands for the good of all citizens of Prince Edward County.

From Krista Dalby

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