Line Dancers

We’re a Linedancing group of up to fifteen, meeting every Monday from 6:30 to 9:00. We feel it’s important as a matter of heritage to keep this building in the hands of the community, especially as it has the most wonderful wooden floor space ideal for dance, probably the best in the County, this is irreplaceable to us!! & any group in the County that gets pleasure from the art of dance.

Submitted by Diane & Ian Blair

As a line dancer I value my Monday evenings at the Town Hall. A large group of movers and shakers meet to dance away a few hours and have a fun energetic time doing it in one of the few remaining suitable locations in the County. This is time well spent keeping fit mentally and physically as we learn some invigorating dance steps and choreography. As we are all aging, it is important to value exercise and movement. Diane and Ian Blair make sure we do this and the Town Hall is the perfect venue for it. It has a charming open space and wooden dance floor. Aren’t we the lucky ones to have this building in our midst? It was built for dancing and our community.

Submitted by Rhonda Nolan

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