User Profiles – Update

Our new page about the community groups who use the Picton Town Hall space has been updated to add new user profiles.

If you are a member of a user group that meets at Picton Town Hall (the old Fire Hall), let us know the who, what, when, etc.

If the space is lost, what’s your plan?

In the mailbag …

A note from Cressy:

The Picton Town Hall is a beautiful building, and what makes it most beautiful is that it belongs to the community it serves. It would only be another jewel in the County’s crown to keep this building for the people who use as they see fit. It is already a hub of town life and it should stay that way; the uses to which is is put could be expanded.


Monday is your opportunity to vote for council candidates whose platforms include maintaining Picton Town Hall – one of a decreasing number of locations available at reasonable cost for public and community programs – in public ownership for the public benefit.

Please support our efforts.

All Candidates Meetings – October 11

Remember to attend the meeting(s) in your ward. Listen to the candidates. Ask questions. Save Picton Town Hall – no matter where you live.

Bloomfield United Church at 6:30
Sponsored by Bloomfield and Area Business Association

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 31 King Street at 7
Sponsored by Picton Business Improvement Association

Wellington on the lake
All councillors and mayoral candidates meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

Presentation Meeting Summary

Over 50 people showed up for the SPTH presentation on Saturday afternoon last. To view the presentation, click here.

The presentation was very well received and followed by some enthusiastic audience comments and constructive questions. County Live provided an excellent account of all that happened – read it here. The Wellington Times article described the meeting as ‘a new vision emerging‘, and carried pictures of SPTH core members too.

Update for Community Groups

Everybody Welcome!

1:30 – 3:00PM at the Town Hall, 2 Ross Street

Come and join the SPTH team for a short meeting to update you on the draft plan for the Picton Town Hall including ways to fund keeping it in public hands. Hear about progress, give feedback, and ask questions.

Calendar Ready

The calendar is now active and will provide details of important events such as all-candidate meetings where you can hear from all potential Council members and have an opportunity to ask them about the future of our Town Hall and inform them of your preferences for our Town Hall. Please take advantage of these opportunities.