PEC Horticultural Society

Monthly members meeting with guest speaker

The Prince Edward Horticultural Society has been in existence for more than 150 years. It’s most likely one of the longest existing “community” groups in the county. We have been holding our monthly meetings at the Picton Town Hall for many years now. Our society is a non profit group. Most of our members are local seniors who enjoy the monthly meetings and our annual pot luck dinner. The elevator in the building is definitely a must for some of the members who have mobility issues.

Having the Picton Town Hall available to the many organizations that use the building is vital in keeping these mostly non profit groups going. We fear that selling the building to a private owner would most likely mean, either, very much higher rental fees or worse, no access at all. The town hall is the only affordable building in Picton that can accommodate more than a 100 people.

There are many community groups that are willing to work with council to help create a vibrant “hub” at the town hall. There is definitely a need for such a building in the county. Please keep Picton Town Hall in the community.

Information provided by Lise Bois, President, PEC Horticultural Society

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