Good news! But not a done deal yet.

We received some good news, but we still need your help!

County staff have recommended our proposal, but we need your support to convince Council to adopt our plan.

Attend Committee meeting Feb 28 at Shire Hall
It’s official: our proposal is on the agenda of the Committee of the Whole on Thursday, February 28 at 1 pm. Councillors will discuss municipal staff’s recommendation of our plan as the “preferred proposal”. A healthy turnout is critical to show Council the breadth of support that exists in the community. Here’s a direct link to the staff report and our proposal:

Voice your support at Committee and online
This is not a done deal until Council adopts our proposal. Your voice counts. Help demonstrate to Council members that the community wants them to decide in favour of keeping the Picton Town Hall in public hands for the benefit of all:
Address the Committee (claim your 3-min slot via or on site)
Spread the word and show support on social media using the hashtag #ahallforall.

If we can convince Council to adopt our plan, the future for this outstanding public space looks bright.

With your continued support, we look forward to working with the municipality to make Picton Town Hall the best it can be!

A Hall for All.

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