Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the classical oriental method of exercise for health, self-defence and spiritual growth. Tai Chi emphasizes balance, flexibility, breath control, correct posture, visual and mental concentration along with complete relaxation.

The group uses the Town Hall three times a week, year-round, making us the group who uses the Hall the most. Tai Chi classes are there for all community members. The instructors are sanctioned by the Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada. Our classes in the Picton Town Hall range from 10 to 18 participants between the ages of 50 and 88. Among them are people referred by doctors because they have experienced hip, knee or ankle problems, are recovering from surgery, or need to improve balance and flexibility. This also becomes a social outing for our members.

The Picton Town Hall is centrally located allowing residents to walk to the classes. Most other locations require the use of a vehicle. It is accessible which is extremely important for some of our members. It has a sprung floor which is much easier on joints than a concrete floor which can lead to injuries to the hips, knees and ankles. Other venues are expensive and not readily available.

Our classes are extremely important to community members. They are affordable, in a central location, in a building which holds a lot of historical importance and is bright and airy with a proper floor. We are there for the community and want to continue to offer our classes for the improvement of the health of the community members.

Information provided by Mike Mason

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